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    Home Projects


    New Cases (2011) :

    Inner City retirement community Fortune Yihe

    Nanjing social welfare

    Anhui Provincial veteran home barrier-free renovation

    Wuxi office CDPF

    Shaoguan city center disabled CDPF


    Schtaf S800 Series antimicrobial nylon safety rails , has been widely used in many well-known projects , and exported to Japan , Germany and other countries , is part of the project the following cases:



    2010 Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion

    2010 Shanghai World Expo Center

    2010 Shanghai World Expo Village

    Shanghai Port International Passenger Transport Center

    Shanghai Hongqiao transport hub

    80,000 people Stadium, Shanghai

    General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region

    Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

    Hospital of Huangpu District, Shanghai elderly

    Changzhou Chinese Medicine Hospital

    Shanghai Xinhua Hospital

    Jiaxing Paralympic Centre (National Paralympic venues)

    Elderly parent and the source community in Shanghai

    Shanghai Xiao Xian Square apartments for the elderly

    South Ferry homes for the elderly in Shanghai

    Panyu District, Guangzhou City Hospital

    Yantai Development Zone Complex CDPF

    Guangzhou Yuexiu District minaret homes

    Guangzhou Yi Qiao Yunshan nursing homes

    Luogang District, Guangzhou City Hospital


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