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    SCHTAF is a future oriented company . We have recently regrouped our products and services under the motto "Systems competence architecture" and, as a one-stop supplier, now offer fully comprehensive solutions. Our product programme handrails and balustrades, sanitary accessories and products for barrierfree living.

    SCHTAF has developed an innovative product concept for the barrierfree living LifeSystem.Functionality and ergonomics are of course as much a way of life as safety and comfort for the user. The system is flexible and can be integrated in a variety of bathroom concepts.

    Helping to retain personal autonomy and generate enhanced freedom of movement these are the key characteristics of the Range 800 concept. The accessories for the barrierfree bathroom combine perfect functionality and ergonomics with a wide variety of design options. Range 800 offers enhanced safety and convenience in both domestic bathrooms as well as in office buildings, hotels or clinics.



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